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Worried about your body fat levels? Stressed about cholesterol?

100% Natural Sigma Fat Burner Green Tea will help you lose weight and control your cholesterol at the same time! Research has shown that one’s fat content has a direct relation to the risk of heart-related diseases. ECGC in Green tea assists in the excretion of fat and inhibition of fat cell development. The ingredient Chamomile helps ease upset stomachs, insomnia and promotes healthy skin. For women, Chamomile is an effective home remedy for menstrual cramps.

Boil a cup of water, and steep your premium Sigma Fat Burner tea bag for up to 4 minutes. We recommend having a cup after every meal. Sigma Fat Burner can help you reduce up to 200 calories a day, 1400 calories a week. We have also included a small booklet with tips on

Nutrition and exercise to fit your busy lifestyles!

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